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empathy is my most important skill

Stakeholder Research

To truly understand the domain we first need to identify its stakeholders and how they are connected. Through this research I can identify who I am designing for and who is affected by my results.

Ethnographic Research

One of the most important aspects of user research is understanding the user in the context of his or her own life. I spend time with my users to fully grasp the attributes that influence their pain points. 

Primary Research

I observe, listen and analyse when conducting my primary interviews. Through using multiple methods such as surveys, street intercepts and in depth one-on-ones, I generate well informed insights that guide the design process forward and also build the empathy needed to understand my stakeholders.


value comes from positive experiences

Journey Maps

I use customer journey maps to illustrate and visualise a customer's interactions with the system. I also use experience wavelines to fully understand the customer's expectations through every phase

Customer Insights

Using my primary research and journey maps I am able to identify important insights that help me synthesise the How Might We questions which will be used for the foundations of my scenarios and protyotypes 

Scenario Building

I visualise the current and future usability scenarios that can help identify opportunities for growth and customer needs. This helps me create strategic plans that can adapt to dynamic environments

Prototype & Testing

I use rapid prototyping to get my ideas into the hands of the people I am designing for. Through my testing I analyse useful feedback to iterate and evolve


customers buy experiences not brands

Brand Strategy

Your brand's hero is your customer. Customer's don't buy brands they buy into experiences. I work closely with your internal team to create a brand strategy that represents your customers and your company culture

Market Strategy

I conduct a thorough business analysis to identify the current trends and future innovations that will define your competitive and goto market strategy 

Business Models

I use the Business Model Canvas to identify how and where your company deliver's value to its stakeholders. I structure business models to effectively recognise people, profit and the planet.

Financial Strategy

I use balance sheets and cash flow analysis to identify your company's ideal revenue structure and cost structure that allows for scalability and sustainability

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