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Wunderfood is a surplus & imperfect food marketplace that connects farmers with food buyers. In a supply chain ecosystem that contributes to about 40% of America's food waste, Wunderfood aims to bridge a gap within the production system. 

A user experience design to improve the relationships between passengers and flight attendants.

A maze-like traveling art exhibition showcasing immigrant artwork and provides its visitors with an interactive journey experience that symbolises the hardships illegal immigrants face while trying to gain entry into the United States.

The purpose of the project was to develop a marketing strategy, for a brand of our choosing, with a particular focus on the process of uncovering and acting on people’s needs.

India's first FIFA standard 11-aside amateur/semi-profession soccer league. My responsibility in the team was to create a long lasting brand experience and also to design the a user experience that is representative of a professional league. 

Lowmoe Collective | Co-founder

A multidisciplinary design studio that collaborated with a collective of designers and film makers who aimed to produce content that is eclectic and derived from a diverse perspective to meet client needs.

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