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Discovering opportunities in the U.S. immigration system

How might we instil empathy in the U.S. citizens for immigrants and their hardships?

The broken borders campaign is a traveling art exhibition, shaped like a maze, that aims to build awareness and empathy through art and design, with the eventual sale of various pieces, raising money to begin investing outside of America;  to develop schools, infrastructure, and overall standard of living.

Broken Borders provides a platform for artists to address immigration, while at the same time giving a voice to the issue of disparity between countries.



stakeholder interviews

My Role

  • Research

    • immigration systems analysis

    • stakeholder analysis​

    • interviews

    • journey mapping

    • insight analysis

  • Prototype modeling​

  • Testing and feedback analysis​​

  • Exhibition experience design

This project was conducted by California College of the Arts students Lexy Guo, Voraporn Komain, Alex Shu, Raphael Teixeira & Uzair Ahmed

More Work

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